So, for awhile now, D. Bethel and I have said that there will be only 4 issues to Operation: 3-Ring Bound – we started the venture under the idea that there would be 5 issues, and then we thought we could cut and trim this John-Candy-in-the-Great-Outdoors-sized steak of a story down to four issues, leaving a little¬†grizzle¬†and fat on the side of the plate…

As we near the finish line and have met over the course of the last couple of weeks, we’ve been polishing the scripts, putting back in scenes that were removed, tweaking the movement and pacing. We’re utterly pleased with the new draft, but the length just really means that we’re going to have 5 issues of Operation: 3-Ring Bound now.

For you exclusively web-based readers, this will be a very minor little change for you. We’re basically stopping issue 4 at the scene where Eben07 is kicked in the face by Abel. That’s the last page of Issue Four now and Issue Five started with Ninja Dan’s return to the comic.

As to when the book will arrive? Well, we’re thinking that it’ll go to the printers by September. We’ll have a pre-order, and celebration. Maybe do another giveaway like we’ve done in the past.

The main thing we wanted to announce is NEW BOOK SOON! and ANOTHER ONE IN NOVEMBERISH!

Exciting! Right?!