Like echoes through a canyon, news of old importance finally reaches us, your favorite comic creators. Topics include:


-Big changes to close out 2012

-R.I.P., Huell Howser

-Lucasfilm-Disney merger and its effects on Burgoon

-B*Squad Kickstarter & its future



This episode’s Enhanced Interrogation question is:

“What is your  most anticipated anything of 2013?”

(please answer in the comments)

Even more responses to last week’s Enhanced Interrogation question:

(Sorry we didn’t get to all of you; try again next time and thanks for contributing!)

-Deshaun Mootry: Magic: The Gathering

-Ruben Rojas: Arkham Horror

-Josh Tobey: Ouija

-Tracy Johnston: Wiz-War and Robo-Rally

-Stephanie Rector: Carcassonne


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