After more than a month off, our favorite comic creators show up completely unprepared.   Topics include:


-Eben07 5-Year Anniversary Party

-Breaking Down the Eben07 Card (Board) Game (created by Andrew Asplund, Seattle’s Gamer Viceroy)

-Comics Talk (Skullkickers, Prophet, Batman #13)

-Burgoon’s Local Comic Art Show

-Enhanced Interrogation & Recap

-Burgoon’s impromptu “How to Play Magic: The Gathering”


This episode’s Enhanced Interrogation question is:

“What is your  favorite card/board game?”

(please answer in the comments)

Relevant Links:

Production Blog about the Eben07 Card Game (via Tales From the Gamer Viceroy)

-Read Eben07 on your iPad using the Emanata app

-D. Bethel’s post about the Prophet reboot

Best of Geeky Sacramento Poll (vote for Eben07!)

-The unreleased Fantastic Four movie