At the suggestion of a ghostly assassin dubbed “Dead Grant”, Ninja Dan has trekked across Eastern Europe to arrive at a gypsy camp where he hopes to revive a mysteriously incapacitated Eben07.

Declassification Notes

Obviously, I, Eben07, am asleep… but what was happening up in that silly little head of mine. Well since I never seem to remember my sleep time dreams, we’ve asked a few of our favorite comic authors and artists to do a rendition of what Eben07 might be dreaming of.

The Chiropractic Care Bear is the product of Stephen Lindsay and Lauren Monardo – the dream team behind The Slighty Askew Adventures of Ham ‘n Eggs. It is an honor to have them play in our world as we love the Ham N’ Eggs world, too.

Stephen is also continuing the work with another cool comic called “Jesus Hates Zombies/Lincoln Hates Werewolves”

Both Vol. One of “Jesus Hates Zombies” and “The Slightly Askew Adventures of Ham ‘n Eggs” are available for purchase! I own Slightly Askew and it is just a great comic – I love Lauren’s art and Stephen blends adventure, mystery and humor very gracefully with his writing.

I’m also biding my time to get this version of Jesus Hates Zombies because that cover is just too rad.

So thank them for doing this amazing fan art and get to checking out their comic, too!

Thank you Stephen and Lauren!