The comic known as, “Eben07”, is the ongoing effort of the Intelligence Cleaner Agency’s Congressional mandated declassification, read more about that at our New Reader’s Guide.

We began the process of declassification in Sept. 2007 and currently have over 100 comics spread over a half dozen available operations for public scrutiny.

Feel free to dive right into the current Eben07 declassified series:

Operation: 3-Ring Bound Operation: 3-Ring Bound
An adventure where Eben07 & Ninja Dan are sent undercover as high school students to investigate the English teacher that has been linked to the nationwide disappearance of ordinary janitors.

Or feel free to jump into real beginning of our story with “Operation: Cleaner the Cleaners”

Clean the Cleaners


The Clean the Cleaners series took agents Eben07 and Ninja Dan to the jungle/forest of Russia while on assignment for Ninja Dan’s primary Assigned Secret Agent (A.S.A.) Operation was compromised, as a major security threat was detected. Mission was given the abort code.

Released in three parts: Ride the Snake Eater, Snake in a Box, & Old Pain in the Asp