What’s this mapcap crazy webcomic world coming to?! Eben07 so quick to pick up an assault rifle and an English bowler hat? S.H.I.T.’s getting weird and blood-soaked?
Though I will say – Anna’s hopeful expression in panel three of possibly retrieving the Shot Heard Round the World from Eben07’s leg… that’s just priceless. So much unbridled hope for the future…haven’t seen that kind of face since I was 2008 Obama voter.

Does anybody think 07 has the stones to gun down his femme fatale and 1/2 counterpart rival?

Anyway, on behalf of D.Bethel and myself, we’re excited to work on wrapping up Operation: 3-Ring Bound. The estimate is that this part of the webcomic storyline will be done sometime in February at this point. We’re pretty optimistic, but things are definitely in a state of flux around the Eben07 co-creators so don’t be too surprised if there are little gaps here & there as we move forward. Gotta shake the rust off this two-month hiatus.

Thanks you for the patience and continued support!



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