Operation Goofinger


This declassification series occurred while Assigned Cleaner Agents (A.C.A.) Eben07 and Ninja Dan were on assignment at Fort Knox after Eben07’s Primary Assigned Secret Agent (A.S.A.) mission. Operatives encountered a hostile organization seeking classified material for their museum exhibition.

Declassification Notes

This is the first official declassified comic for Eben07. On Monday, Sept. 3rd, 2007 – this was what the Intelligence Cleaner Agency released to the public. –J.H. Shepard

This is also one of the first traditional assignments Ninja Dan and I worked on together. In the past, I.C.A. field operations were conducted by one man. Of course, the bean counters felt that putting two operatives on the same assignment would help to cut costs. I’m not so sure it does. I felt like instead of getting right to business, having somebody to talk to led me to becoming a bit chatty.