Hey Eben07 fans!
So you may have heard, the kickstarter for B-Squad is up 150% after its first 15 days of funding! Pretty freaking exciting!

The project is fully funded now, so while we aren’t hurting on the financial front now, this does mean you can back now and get what we are slinging! B-Squad will be amazing, stupendous, heart-breaking, hilarious, and deadly!  I’m so excited to undertake a second comic book project!

If you haven’t heard – B-Squad is an action humor comic that asks “Who get’s the missions the A-Team doesn’t take?” Well, it is the motley group of misfits that make up B-Squad.

I’m undertaking this series as the creator and writer, while Lauren Monardo (you may recall she did guest art for Eben07 years ago, worked on that comic Ham & Eggs, as well as the Venture Bros and loads of other indie books) and it’s turning out beautifully.

I hope you’ll give B-Squad a shot if you’ve enjoyed Eben07! We’re basically trying to now to raise funds to secure the future of the comic and fund future issues. There are lots of awesome rewards including socks, t-shirts, and a challenge coin – as well as original line art and more.

Come on – check it out already! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/erasernubs/b-squad-soldiers-of-misfortune