An Announcement from Eben07

So, yes, after almost six years, (soon-to-be) seven books, and a total of 248 pages of Eben07 goodness (144 of which belong to Operation: 3-Ring Bound), Operation: 3-Ring Bound is to be the last Eben07 story co-creator and illustrator, D. Bethel, will be drawing for the immediate future.  The decision was made months ago, which allowed us to focus on the end of 3-Ring Bound and really make it as powerful, funny, and fitting as possible.  Again, Eben07 is not ending; there’s just going to be a transitional period as another artist is found and all settled in.  Keep tuning in to for all the developments as the comic moves forward into its new chapter.

-D. Bethel & E. Burgoon

creators of Eben07