Eben07 : Covert Custodian

Eben07 is a covert custodian – an espionage janitor – a man that works for the Intelligence Cleaner Agency with a mop and bucket to clean up the residue left by cloak and dagger operations.  Our comic started in 2007, and has over 150 full color pages spread over a large number of episodes or “operations”. Each “Operation” is a stand alone story that fits into the overarching story of Eben07 and the Intelligence Cleaner Agency.

If you’d like to learn more before jumping into Eben07, check out the cast page & new reader guide

Frequently Asked Questions

-How do you say Eben07?
Ebb-en Oh Seven. Agent Eben07’s codename is his first name and his operative number.

– How often do you release comics?

A: We release comics on Sunday when we are “in season”. During the off-season, we try to bring production blogs, and our Full Disclosure podcast to our readers.

-Who creates Eben07?

A: It is a two man team. E. Burgoon writes most of the comics, and D.Bethel does some writing and all the illustration.

Read more about either of them or get their contact information on the credits page.